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Television & Screen Cultures in Transition


Television &Screen Cultures in Transtion, short TV/SCiT,  is a research initiative of television and media scholars attached to the Department of Media and Culture Studies and to the Institute for Cultural Inquiry (ICON) of the Faculty of  Humanities. The inititive develops, co-ordinates, carries out, publishes and promotes the study of screen cultures in transition and the role of media in social transitions. Main research areas are

  • transmedia and media in transition within UU’s strategic theme Institutions for Open Societies
  • audiovisual heritage online in the context of Digital Humanities and in collobaration with the EUscreen Foundation, DARIAH and Europeana.
  • changing forms of television and its production in the research context of Creative Industries
  • representation, politics and policy in the UU focus area Culture, Citizenship and Human Rights (CCHR), also in cooperation with Utrecht University’s research Hub Future Food.