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Centre for Television in Transition

About TViT

Utrecht University’s Centre for Television in Transtion, short TViT, is a research initiative of television and media scholars attached to the Department of Media and Culture Studies (DMC) and to the Research Institute for History and Culture (OGC) of the Faculty of the Humanities. The Centre develops, co-ordinates, carries out, publishes and promotes the study of television in transition from its early beginnings on.

Main research areas are television’s screens, histories, discourses, and practices. We suppose that television is a medium that never just is, but constantly is in the state of transition. Currently, we do not witness ‘ The end of TV’ as many commentators claim, but the re-invention of television in the digital environment.

This website provides information about the Centre’s research initiatives and projects, about the people involved, their publications and about events organized by the Centre. For more information about our projects or attending one of our events, please contact us.