Utrecht Centre for Television in Transition


17 December 2018
15:30 - 17:00
Utrecht University, Drift 23, room 0.13

Mapping European Documentary Film – Lecture by Eline Livémont (VUB) and Willemien Sanders (UU)

About a year ago, the European Documentary Network has launched the Media and Society initiative, a research project in which for the first time the documentary sector in Europe is being mapped both in terms of facts and figures and in terms of the challenges it faces, the opportunities and desired policy measures. This happened through both qualitative (focus groups) and quantitative (survey) research. The goal is to come to a white book which reflects a shared understanding of the sector and its work and which will facilitate the international dialogue as well as contain policy advise to come to a more sustainable European documentary sector.

The survey research is carried out by Eline Livémont (VUB), reports and other input from the focus group interviews are analysed by Willemien Sanders. They will discuss the preliminary outcomes of both endeavours and also discuss the methodological challenges this kind of Creative Industries research entails.