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Television & Screen Cultures in Transition

About TV/SCiT

Utrecht University’s research initiative Television & Screen Cultures in Transition, short TV/SCiT, is home of a diverse group of television and media scholars attached to the Department of Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University, and to the Research Institute ICON of the Faculty of Humanities, plus affiliated researchers form other, mostly Dutch universities. The Centre develops, co-ordinates, carries out, publishes and promotes the study of screen cultures in transition from the early 20th century on.

Main research areas are television & screen cultures, and their histories, discursive constructions, and attached practices of users and communities. We suppose that media never just ‘are’, but are constantly in the state of transition while at the same time transforming culture and society. Currently, we do not witness ‘The end of TV’ as many commentators claim, but the re-invention of screen cultures in the digital environment with television and broadcasting still being dominants interfaces within more and more mediatized cultural and socio-technological environments. We also witness the emergence of fascinating new screen ecologies where ‘users’ create new platforms, communities and ways of civic and commercial engagement. These developments challenge not only our established media institutions and infrastructures, they also force us to rethink our concepts, approaches and methods of research. The people of the Television & Screen Cultures in Transition research initiative are dedicated to exploring these developing fields within new perspectives and conceptual frameworks, including studies of our media’s transitional past.

This website provides information about TV/SCiT’s research initiatives and projects, about the people involved, their publications and about events organized by the Centre. For more information about our projects, please contact us. And let us know if you want receive invitations to our seminars, presentations workshops and special events.