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7 December 2015
15:30 - 17:30
Munt 2a, 1.11

TViT meeting: Curating Europe’s Audiovisual Heritage Online

In the past decennium, massive amounts of audiovisual content have been made accessible online, on the homepages of archives and museums, on video sharing sites and on the portals of dedicated European projects such as Europeana or EUscreen. The opportunities and challenges are obvious to stakeholders in the audiovisual heritage sector. Notably, these collections  of audiovisual materials need curation before they can grow to be meaningful as living documents of the European political, social and cultural history. As David Baerman has put it convincingly: “The archival profession is to assure the use of cultural evidence in the continuing construction of culture.” (1989)

Ideally, curation creates a context for heritage that makes it relevant for our present, makes it speak to us and helps us understand our history and our future.

In this session Willemien Sanders and Eggo Müller will discuss the challenges for curating Europe’s Audiovisual Heritage online.  They will introduce and test two new tools available on the EUscreen portal: the Publication Builder and the WITH-tool. EUscreen is a network of more than 30 European archives, universities and ICT developers that collaborate to make European audiovisual heritage accessible online. The new tools allow for a more active participation of the users of the EUscreen portal allowing for curation and publication with content offered online. The tools can facilitate research, but can also be used in the class room.

Please bring your own laptop or tablet to the meeting!