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2 June 2014

Eva Baaren on TROVe

The June session of TViT will be dedicated to the (digital humanities) tool TROVe. A year after the focus group user study at TViT (June 2013), Eva Baaren (NISV) will show the last prototype and will pose some questions to open up the debate on its value in the field of media studies.

About TROVe

Media play an important role in the (re-)articulation of discourses and the construction of cultural meaning. With digitization, convergence and the emergence of social media, the construction and diffusion of news and opinion increasingly operate within a transmedia sphere, in which different media interact. The newly developed research instrument TROVe (Transmedia Observatory) monitors the spread of news and public opinion across different Dutch media (television, radio, blogs, online news sources and Twitter). TROVe is funded by CLARIAH-SEED and a collaborative project of the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Intelligent Systems Lab Amsterdam and the Centre for Television in Transition of Utrecht University. It offers a gateway to various sources, contextual data, visualizations and individual media documents. 

About the session

Taking the transmedia debate about the Dutch ‘Royal Tribute Song’ (”Koningslied”) in 2013 as case in point, the session focuses on the use of TROVe for exploring, contextualizing, and analysis of transmedia content. Participants will be asked to give their view on the value of TROVe for their field, thereby contributing on the pending questions that arise in the field of digital humanities: What research questions does this tool answer that could not be answered before? In what phase(s) of the research process can this tool be used? Does TROVe prompt new research methods or is it merely a practical portal to use in existing methods? What might be the consequences for using this tool? Does research with this tool differ substantially from research without it? 

A short demo on TROVe and the case study is available:          https://vimeo.com/75571636

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