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Hot from the press: The Power of Satire

Screen Shot 2015-11-23 at 12.26.46Edited by Marijke Meijer Drees and Sonja de Leeuw
University of Groningen / University of Utrecht
Satire is clearly one of today’s most controversial socio-cultural topics. In this edited volume, The Power of Satire, it is studied for the first time as a dynamic, discursive mode of performance with the power of crossing and contesting cultural boundaries. The collected essays reflect the fundamental shift from literary satire or straightforward literary rhetoric with a relatively limited societal impact, to satire’s multi-mediality in the transnational public space where it can cause intercultural clashes and negotiations on a large scale. An appropriate set of heuristic themes – space, target, rhetoric, media, time – serves as the analytical framework for the investigations and determines the organization of the book as a whole. The contributions, written by an international group of experts with diverse disciplinary backgrounds, manifest academic standards with a balance between theoreticalanalyses and evaluations on the one hand, and in-depth case studies on the other.

[Topics in Humor Research, 2] 2015. xiii, 277 pp.