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Karin van Es: The Datafication of Televisions

4 April 2016, 15.30 – 17.30
Departement of Media and Culture Studies
Muntstraat 2a, 3512 EV Utrecht, room # 1.11

During this TViT session Karin van Es will present her ongoing and future research. In terms of the former, she will discuss Social Research in the Age of Data, the volume she is editing with Mirko Tobias Schäfer (to be published at AUP, summer 2016). In terms of the latter, she will briefly share her first thoughts for an NWO Veni proposal (tentatively titled: The Datafication of Televisions) inspired by a project she has recently completed at Utrecht Data School (see product: Re-imagining Television Audience Research: Tracing Viewing Patterns on Twitter). To stimulate a discussion about the intended application, we will be reading the following two texts:

Bourdon, Jerome and Cecile Meadel. 2011. “Inside Television Audience Measurement: Deconstructing the Ratings Machine.” Media, Culture & Society 33(5). 791-800.

Kosterich, Allie and Philip M. Napoli. 2016. “Reconfiguring the Audience Commodity: The Institutionalization of Social TV Analytics as Market Information Regime.” Television & New Media 17(3) 254-271.

Please send an email to e.mueller[at]uu.nl to receive an electronic copy of the two texts.