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1 June 2015

Markus Stauff on The second screen and the problem of attention

The supplementation of television with additional media gadgets – especially the  ’second screens’ of smart phones, tablets, laptops etc. – provokes conceptual questions with relevance for the much broader transformation of the current media landscape: What role doe characteristics, affordances or specificities of different media play in an ever intensifying cross-media constellation? How do media that for quite some time were considered to be pretty much the opposite of each other connect and form a common assemblage? Focusing on the temporal tensions that result from combining television with mobile and social media, the presentation will analyze how the concept of attention is drives and structure the combination of different media. Referring to Jonathan Crary’s “24/7”, Stauff will show, that the second screen is harvested to manage far beyond the domestic space – e.g. in the university class room.

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