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New members: Anne Kustritz and Dan Hassler-Forest

Two of our new colleagues, Anne Kustritz and Dan Hassler-Forest, will be the distinguished speakers on November 2nd, 15.30 to 17.30. They will introduce themselves and present their current research.
Anne – as you can read on fanlore – ‘is an acafan who works on fan fiction cultures, spaces, identities, and texts. She received her PhD in American Culture from the University of Michigan in 2007, and her BA in cultural studies and psychology from the University of Minnesota in 2001.’  Anne’s academic work in research and teaching focuses on television, transmedia, and fan culture, as well as gender studies and queer theory. Anne will present her current research in (one of) these areas.
Dan studied English Literature and Film Studies in Amsterdam (UvA) and taught divers courses in Media Studies at the Faculty of Humanities at the UvA. His PhD was on the politics and rhetoric of superheroes in comic strips. His books include Capitalist Superheroes. Caped Crusaders in the Neoliberal Age (Zero 2013), Transmedia (AUP 2013) and The Politics of Adaptation: Media Convergence and Ideology (ed. with Pascal Nicklas, Palgrave 2015). His research combines post-Marxist critical theory with a broader interest in the social, technological, and aesthetic aspects of narrative media.
We will also discuss the core research areas of TViT and the activities during this academic year. As usual, we will have drinks afterwards.

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