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6 October 2014

Publishing DH research with AV-materials

In the October session of the TViT seminar, Willemien Sanders and Berber Hagedoorn will ‘try-out’ their workshop presentation for the upcoming international EUscreenXL Conference “From Audience to User: New Ways of Engaging with Audiovisual Heritage Online” (30-31 October 2014, Rome). The workshop will focus on contextualization and remix practices for online publication of research with AV.

Although various tools and functionalities are currently being developed to search, explore, and analyse digital audio-visual sources (AV), this presentation will focus on the next step: how to contextualize and publish research with audio and/or video materials online.

This workshop will explore selected scenarios for the online publication of AV research, taking remix practices into account, and present four formats. It will draw from both existing online publications, by scholars and by media professionals, and scenarios newly developed as part of a new Utrecht University course on doing television history online, which was taught for the first time in Winter-Spring 2014. In addition, it will include a number of scenarios for remix practices, developed on the basis of a number of workshops in remix practices. The formats with will then be tested and discussed by participants with regard to their own publication contexts.

The prototypes that will be discussed in the presentation are based on an analysis of the following online publications and media projects:

VIEW: Journal of European Television History and Culture

Vectors: The Roaring ‘Twenties (Emily Thompson, USA 2013)

Snow Fall. The Avalanche at Tunnel Creek (John Branch, NYT, USA 2012)

Soul-Patron (Frederik Rieckher, Germany 2010)

After the Liberation XL (NTR, NL 2014)

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